Friday, September 17, 2004

Never again?

More disturbing news is breaking about the race murder being committed by the Sudanese government. Khartoum's inhumanity is reaching new heights if the latest reports are to be believed:

"Syria tested chemical weapons on civilians in Sudan's troubled western Darfur region in June and killed dozens of people.

The German daily Die Welt newspaper, in an advance release of its Wednesday edition, citing unnamed western security sources, said that injuries apparently caused by chemical arms were found on the bodies of the victims...

Syrian officers were reported to have met in May with Sudanese military leaders in a Khartoum suburb to discuss the possibility of improving cooperation between their armies.

According to Die Welt, the Syrians had suggested close cooperation on developing chemical weapons, and it was proposed that the arms be tested on the rebel SPLA, the Sudan People's Liberation Army, in the south.

But given that the rebels were involved in peace talks, the newspaper continued, the Sudanese government proposed testing the arms on people in Darfur."

Update:On Saturday the

UN passed a resolution threatening Sudan with sanctions if it fails to curb the Arab militias terrorizing refugee camps in Darfur.


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