Monday, September 13, 2004

Powell Refuses To Stand By Bush's War

From the WP:

"NBC's Tim Russert, using language similar to a question President Bush had posed about Kerry regarding the former Iraqi leader, asked Powell if he "knew today that Saddam did not have these weapons of mass destruction, would you still advocate an invasion?"

Powell did not answer directly, but said, 'I would have to look at the total picture, and we'd have to sit down and talk about his intention to have such weapons, the capability that was inherent.'"

So now the Secretary of State is expressing doubt about the most important part of the Administration's foreign policy, the Iraq War. I guess Colin Powell got fed up with those ""fucking crazies" and their bloody misadventure. If people on the President's payroll aren't willing to stand by their man why should anyone at all back George W. Bush? Bush has based his entire presidency on his war time leadership and it is becoming clear to everyone with eyes to see that he has driven our war on terrorism into a ditch.


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