Tuesday, September 14, 2004

One Dishonest Bastard

"To be fair, there are some things my opponent is for -- he's proposed more than two trillion dollars in new federal spending so far, and that's a lot, even for a senator from Massachusetts. To pay for that spending, he is running on a platform of increasing taxes -- and that's the kind of promise a politician usually keeps.

His policies of tax and spend -- of expanding government rather than expanding opportunity -- are the policies of the past."
-George W. Bush in his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention

The Washington Post Today:

"The expansive agenda President Bush laid out at the Republican National Convention was missing a price tag, but administration figures show the total is likely to be well in excess of $3 trillion over a decade.

A staple of Bush's stump speech is his claim that his Democratic challenger, John F. Kerry, has proposed $2 trillion in long-term spending, a figure the Massachusetts senator's campaign calls exaggerated. But the cost of the new tax breaks and spending outlined by Bush at the GOP convention far eclipses that of the Kerry plan."

What a deal! John Kerry's going to make us pay for his 2 trillion dollar Spendocrat program (you can tell he is a real LIEbrel from TAXachusetts, huh huh), but we will get Bush's 3 trillion dollar agenda for free. I am going to use the money I save to buy myself a hammock!


At 8:32 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Way to double post douchebag.


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