Monday, September 13, 2004

Sworn Enemy


Teagan Goddard's Political Wire:
"In what could become a worst-case scenario for Democrats, Ralph Nader announced plans to launch a spirited new phase to his independent candidacy in swing states," the Hartford Courant reports. Nader says "part of its purpose would be to retaliate against Democrats who had fought his candidacy."

It isn't really news that Ralph Nader has been focusing on critical swing states (he's been doing that all year and was doing it days before the 2000 election, too), but now he has made his intentions clear. He wants revenge against the Democrats, his main goal is spiting the Democratic Party by helping to re-elect George W. Bush. Since the start of his absurd campaign Nader maintained that he was committed to seeing President Bush defeated in Novemeber. Now he has dropped the pretense and has all but openly embraced four more year of Republican misrule simply because he feels slighted.


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