Sunday, January 25, 2004

Blogging The President

I was listening to the NPR progam, "blogging the president". Atrios and Andrew Sullivan were sharing the airwaves in one segment of the show and it was pretty interesting. Atrios seemed quite sophisticated (and refused to give many detials about himself, since he tries to keep his identity secret), Sullivan tried really hard to seem sophisticated, but ended up looking like an ass. He kept badgering Atrios for not revealing his identity, the moderator and Atrios then pointed out that many great writers had written anonymously or assumed names, including Andrew Sullivan's idol, George Orwell. Sullivan also spent a lot of time attacking straw men and misrepresenting the statements of the other guests. At a certain point, he became so ergegious that host called him on it. Perhaps he'll write a nice post about being silenced by that ol'debil the liberal media.


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