Sunday, January 25, 2004

Most Americans Guilty of Political Hate Speech/Treason

Newsweek Poll: Campaign 2004
Saturday January 24, 11:12 am ET
Kerry Leads Dems With 30 Percent; Edwards Follows at 13 Percent; Dean Slips, Even With Clark at 12 Percent
52 Percent of Voters Don't Want to See Bush Re-Elected (44% Do), 37 Percent Strongly Want to See Him Re-Elected, 47 Percent Strongly Do Not
But a Large Majority (78%) Says That it is Very Likely (40%) or Somewhat Likely (38%) That he Will Get a Second Term

Ah hah, this is excellent news. The opposistions is both larger and more dedicated than the President's supporters and the extent of anti-Bush feeling is is greatly underestimated. So, when Bush starts trailing in the polls later in the year, it'll be a (reasonably) big news story. This will lead to a whole cycle of negative stories about the troubled Bush campaign and Bush's inability to win the support of the Public. Excellent.


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