Saturday, January 24, 2004

Playing the God Card

I think its time that the Democrats used religion to their advantage, as Kevin Phillips recently suggested. Reverend Moon is major financial backer for many conservative causes and a close ally of the President. Moon and his religion, are also a little bit out there. In addition to being imprisoned in the US for tax fraud, hoping that God will eradicate homosexuality and homosexuals, insinuating that the Jews were partly responsible for the holocaust, being accused of brainwashing people to join his Church, Moon also considers himself the real messiah (unlike that miserable failure, Jesus Christ). Unification theology is actually a lot weirder than that, even, but that's all I have time for at the moment. Anyway, the Democrats ought to publicize Bush's connection with Moon more often. It will serve two purposes, a) making sure secularists (and other social liberals) remember to vote, because they certainly don't want a friend of Moon in charge (Bush has already given federal money to the Moonies as part of his faith based initiative) and b)will make Christian conservatives stay home, because the President is allied with a man who thinks he's better than Jesus Christ.


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