Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Biting Both Ways

Recently this blog went after AP reporter Calvin Woodward for a news aritcle he wrote about the Democratic Presidential Debates. In the piece in question, Woodward adopted an irritating style, which aimed to provide "context" to the candidates' remarks, but amounted to nothing but a very shoddy pount-counterpoint. Its good to see then, that Woodward also uses this annoying style when writing about Bush. I'd prefer if he didn't do it at all, but at least he is being even-handedly idiotic.

Here is a sample:

Also in the speech, Bush cited an 11 percent drop in illegal drug use among high school students over the past two years -- accurately summarizing a study by the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research.

But the study also found slowing declines in the use of certain drugs by eighth-graders and a slight increase in their use of inhalants. That troubles researchers who say eighth-graders are often indicative of coming drug-use trends.


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