Friday, December 10, 2004

Real Ultimate Authoritarianism

You learn a lot of things reading the paper. Today I learned about Bernard B. Kerik, the man George W. Bush wants to lead the Department of Homeland of Security. Mr. Kerik believes (or at least has said) that "Political criticism is our enemy's best friend", "Loyalty to his patrons" is one of his calling cards and keeps a picture of Oliver North (a man who defended his role in the Iran-Contra scandal on the grounds that there is a higher law that the constitution) in his office. Kerik also came up the hard way. It seems Mr. Kerik has a lot in common with Bush appointee for Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, who also had humble beginnings and in his previous job as White House counsel wrote memos justifying torture. On the basis of this information, I'd like to say that I am glad that the government's main domestic security agencies are in the hands of such upright, unquestionably competent>men and that their selection is another brillian move by the our infinitely wise President.


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