Friday, December 10, 2004

Party off

25 Bowling Green Students Seek Legal Action
Twenty-five college students cited under the city's new nuisance party law say it's unconstitutional.

The ordinance allows police to shut down a party and cite the hosts if illegal activity such as underage alcohol consumption or disorderly conduct is taking place.

But the lawyer for Student Legal Services at Bowling Green State University, who is representing the students, says the law is vague and arbitrary and violates students' rights of free assembly and due process.

As a self-hating student, I fully endorse anything that infringes on the rights of college students, particulary if these said college students are irritating decent, productive memebrs of society. As Deputy police Chief Gary Spencer said in the article:

"if people would obey the law, if they would pee indoors, if they would leave their neighbors alone, it wouldn't be an issue."


Furthermore, all spring break hot spots should be razed. I know it will cause some damage to the local economy, so I think it is only fair that those that formerly worked in these hot spots be given copies of dorm keys so that might engage in some "instant socialism" at the expense of their former clients.


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