Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Think Nationally, Act Locally

Democrats Want DNC to Focus on Local Races
Congressional leaders and state party officials "are insisting that the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee... radically redirect the committee's resources toward congressional races and other local contests and away from the presidential enchilada," The Hill reports.

"In behind-the-scenes positioning, key congressional lawmakers are seeking to prevent the national party from lapsing into another four-year presidential gestation cycle."

Now there is an idea. Presidential elections, while very important, have been overvalued. Winning local races are critical to building up the strenght of our Party. It is after all the state legislatures that draw congressional districts. Seeing as how Delay has basically gotten away with his redistricting scheme in Texas without having to suffer any real consquences we probably ought to rip off this tactic so that Democratic states send larger Democratic delegations to Congress.


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