Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What does Donald Rumsfeld do?

Since Donald Rumsfeld is going to stay on for a second term as Secretary of Defense I think the media needs to start asking exactly what the public is paying Rumsfeld to do. Apparently Donald Rumsfeld doesn't believe that planning and running a war is not part of his job description:

[Rumsfeld] remained defiant in the face of critics who say the United States failed to send enough troops to Iraq initially to handle postwar security and, now, to combat the insurgents.

He contended that the decision on troop levels was largely "out of my control," since he was following the advice and requests of his regional commanders, first Gen. Tommy R. Franks and now Gen. John P. Abizaid and Gen. George W. Casey Jr.

And yet he has found that other tasks are not worth his attention either:

And now, apparently, Rumsfeld’s obsession with machines and their efficiency has translated into his using one to replace his own John Hancock on KIA (killed in action) letters to parents and spouses. Two Pentagon-based colonels, who’ve both insisted on anonymity to protect their careers, have indignantly reported that the SecDef has relinquished this sacred duty to a signature device rather than signing the sad documents himself.

Perhaps Donald Rumsfeld believes that his time is better spent playing computer solitaire or devising more one-liners to charm his personal fan club the press corps with.


At 10:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and it just keeps getting better and better according to a recent AP article as Rummy was chatting with our boys in Kuwait he was asked about the long troop tours of duty and a lack of armored vehicles and other equipment. His response was heartwarming:
"You go to war with the Army you have," Rumsfeld replied, "not the Army you might want or wish to have."

Way to go bud! That's the spirit that is going to get Americans to enlist in his Army now that we need more troops than ever. But then again what do you expect, American public clearly don't care about the loss of human life, not even the loss of American life, (our policies in favor of the Death Penalty, American Poverty, Lack of Universal Healthcare are all examples) so why should we splurge a little for a couple of sheets of $30 sheet metal that could save some lives...just makes you wonder a bit

At 10:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way the last post was done by me down the hall and on the left


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