Friday, December 10, 2004

Happy Happy Happy

Apparently the soldier that asked Rumsfeld why there was a shortage of up-armored humvees in Iraq had the question suggested to him by a reporter. As we know, reporters are all partisan Democrats that are hell bent of destroying the president. Also, for some reason combat hardened soldiers are easily bullied into saying things they don't mean by notebook wielding English majors. It follows then that the question was not meant to address an actual problem facing American forces in Iraq, but rather to embolden our enemies. We can safely conclude then that everything is going according to plan, the Pentagon has not made any serious mistakes and there is absolutely nothing wrong in the beautiful land of Iraq, a country that has a future so bright that its citizens must wear shades and which is so prosperous that these sunglasses were made by the hottest new designer and were imported directly from Milan.


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