Friday, October 01, 2004

Partisan Spin

The first presidential debate was definetly a victory for John Kerry, the only question is how badly he crushed his opponent. George W. Bush was dishonest and looked dumb (pausing akwardly, mispeaking). The real damage Bush inflicted on himself was his angry, irritated appearance. In order for the President's dishonesty to harm him, people need to be aware of the facts and if people did know the facts, this clown would be the victim of the greatest bone shattering landslide in history. It is also well known that Bush is not all that bright and that has not held him back. His anger though was clear to see and will work against him the way Al Gore's undermined his campaign. Kerry in contrast played it cool, looked tall, serious and Presidential, unlike the real President of the United States.

Presidential Debate Transcript


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