Sunday, September 26, 2004

Secretary Of State Spits The Truth...Kind Of

One C. Powell is blowing George W. Bush's cover sky high:
Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday said anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world had increased and the insurgency in Iraq was worsening, but the United States was taking action to improve security ahead of elections.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the rumors that Powell wouldn't be around for Bush's second term are true. As of late he has been sprinting off the reservation at break neck speed, first owning up to the fact that the absence of WMD's undermines the case for the President's war and now recognizing that Iraq is a mess. If Collin Powell really wants to flip George W. Bush the bird on his way out the door, he could resign in protest shortly before the election. His credibility is in shreds because of Iraq (remember his presentation to the UN?) and the Bush crowd, the least he could do is take them down with him.


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