Monday, October 11, 2004

The Empire Strikes First, Then Never Leaves

Pandagon brings up an interesting point here:

Bush is apparently building 14 permanent bases in Iraq, a move akin to promising the Iraqi people unending occupation and the eternal threat of reinvasion. Kerry, on the other hand, wants "no long-term military presence after the job is done". This is significant both as a substantial difference between the two men's plans for Iraq and as a counterinsurgency tool.

John Kerry wants to stay in Iraq because he thinks a failed state would be a disaster for America (providing a haven for terrorists) and for Iraqis (putting them in danger of suffering a civil war). George W. Bush wants to says he wants to stay in Iraq for those reasons, but these large military bases suggests that there are other, more sinister reasons at work (greater American control over Mid-East Oil?). The construction of these bases fits, which are a sign of plan long term American presence in Iraq, fit perfectly with the small target size for the Iraqi Army, National Guard and Police, which leave the Iraqi government dependent on the US for security well into the future. Also, a long term American involvement in Iraq would further strain the military and increase the chances of a draft. Though the Naderites might not be willing to believe it, there is only one really imperialist candidate in this election.


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