Monday, October 11, 2004

Good News For People That Love Bad News For George Bush

After getting pounded by the Swift Boat Vets and the Republican Convention, Kerry has taken a clear if not commanding lead in the race:

Democratic challenger John Kerry expanded his slight lead over President George Bush to three points in a tight race for the White House, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Monday.

Judging from the previous debates, it is unlikely that Bush will benefit from the third and final debate.

Not only is Kerry up in the polls, but his supporters are re-engergized, too, which is especially important in an election where all the experts are sayign that turn out is key. Here is a local news report from a John Kerry rally I attended last weekend in Ohio:
Thousands stood for hours in long lines yesterday that snaked their way through the campus of Lorain County Community College just to get a chance to listen and watch Sen. John Kerry's speech.

Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate, spoke to an estimated 20,000 of his supporters on a sun-splashed picture-prefect autumn day in his first public appearance following Friday's debate with President Bush.

The Bush-Cheney Campaign seem to be getting nervous. Rove says he has some tricks left. But if they aren't any better than calling Kerry and Edwards "LIBERALS", George W. Bush is probably out of luck. The Republicans have tried to do that to every Democrat since the dawn of time (or maybe 1968), yet for the last 3 elections in a row LIBERAL DEMOCRATS with values OUTSIDE THE MAINSTREAM have captured the popular vote. Furthermore the facts just don't support the charge at all. Bush has expanded government more than "liberal" President has and more than any Republican has for that matter. Since the 1990's Kerry has built up some very serious centrist credentials, too, supporting balanced budgets, welfare reform and free trade (more or less). No matter how much Bush wishes it was true, John Kerry is not Michael Dukakis.


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