Saturday, October 09, 2004

Round II

In the second Presidential debate, Bush managed to exhibit slightly more self-contronl. He stopped looking so irritated, which was a definite step up for him, though he frequently looked confused while Kerry was speaking. Only towards the end of the debate did he figure out that taking notes makes you look less like of an akward buffoon. No matter, John Kerry did better than last round, thereby countering any improvements in Bush's performance. Kerry was relentless, launching attack after attack on the President. Additionally, Senator Kerry's wooden demeanor actually helped him because his digs seemed less mean-spirited and more matter-of-fact. Bush was unable to repsond in any meaningful way to most of them. The audience for its part did a very good job of assisting Kerry. Unlike those half-bright punks that go for moderators these days the members of the general public asked real questions about serious issues. Naturally, these sorts of questions are not what one of the worst Presidents in recent memory needs. This debate was a win for Kerry and an effective post debate PR operation (I am sure I detected at least a few statements by Bush that were complete nonsense) could make it a crushing vicotry for the Democrats.


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