Friday, September 03, 2004

Watching The Convention

Regrettably I missed Zell Miller's Pat Buchanan impersonation last night so I have basically missed what was the best part of the convention. Tonight I did get to see George W. Bush accept his party's nomination. Well, what can I say about the President's speech? A bunch of bad policy ideas (privatizing social security, making his regressive tax cuts permanent, etc.) that he has been yammering about for the better part of four years, misleading statements ("lies" if you want to prove how much of a fanatical bush hater you are) and empty platitudes, just like almost every speech he has given. I admit I was surprised how much they used September 11th or more accurately how gracelessly they incorporated it into their event. Since I was watching C-SPAN in true high brow fashion I was unable to enjoy the insight and wisdom of such luminaries as Joe Scarborough and Bill O'Reilly, so I am more or less in the dark about the media elite's take on the convention, I wonder how it is playing out with the general public.


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