Friday, August 20, 2004

No Shame

U.S. Now Said to Support Growth for Some West Bank Settlements
The Bush administration, moving to lend political support to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at a time of political turmoil, has modified its policy and signaled approval of growth in at least some Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, American and Israeli officials say.

For the last three years, American policy has called for a freeze of "all settlement activity," including "natural growth" brought about by an increase in the birthrate and other factors. As a result, when settlement expansions have been announced, American officials have called them violations.

Constructing settlements in the Occupied Territories is gravely immoral, probably violates international law and undermines the security of Israel by increasing Palestinian anger, putting more Israelis in harm's way and further reducing the chances for peace. There is no good reason why the United States should condone Sharon's decision, yet the Bush Administration is. This is almost certianly another case of George W. Bush putting short-term electoral politics over the long-term interests of America.


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