Friday, August 20, 2004

Bill Kristol Is A Hack

Or as Bill O'Reilly might say, a modern Joseph Goebbels. Kristol's piece,
"John Kerry Doesn't Know His Own Mind", proves hackery beyond the shadow of a doubt. Kristol wrote:

Apparently, Sen. Kerry wanted to appeal to the "get-the-boys-back-home" sentiment in the country when he spoke on This Week. Yesterday, addressing a convention of veterans, Kerry was busy burnishing his credentials as a hawk by suggesting that cutting our forces in Korea "is clearly the wrong signal to send" at this time.

Who knows what Sen. Kerry believes? Does Sen. Kerry even know?

What the crap? These are two different issues, yet Kristol acts like they are one and the same. The situations in question are not at all comparable. Kerry's point is clear, he hopes to reduce American forces in Iraq because the occupation there has created a swarm of problems for the US and is opposed to withdrawing troops from South Korea because it could weaken our hand with North Korea. William Kristol's article is nothing but cheap propaganda. It is remarkable that the Weekly Standard has the nerve to poke fun at Ann Coulter when they are no better she is.


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