Saturday, August 21, 2004

They Got Our Number

From The Guardian:

Eight terrorism suspects charged with conspiracy to murder and to launch radioactive, chemical or explosive attacks were remanded in custody amid high security at their first court appearance yesterday.

Three members of the alleged conspiracy, who are accused of holding documents including "reconnaissance" plans of the New York stock exchange, the International Monetary Fund in Washington, banks in New York and New Jersey, and recipes for explosives, are also charged with offences under the Terrorism Act.

This string of arrests confirms what is now becoming an old saw, we aren't just fighting a specific terrorist organization, but an ideology as well. As haltingly as the military and law enforcement components of our War on Terrorism are progressing, it appears that the battle for hearts and minds is going much more poorly. Right now, the government's campaign on this front seems to be comprised of publishing an Arabic version of Seventeen and photos of Americans torturing innocent people. We really, really need to do better.


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