Tuesday, July 20, 2004


It is often said that whatever you think of Bush, at least you know where he stands. Now, there are a lot of things wrong with that idea, but one of the most important reasons why that statement is inaccurate is that Bush has not made his agenda clear. Bush presumably plans on winning the upcoming election and being in the White House for another four years. It is rather unsettling then that he has yet to reveal an outline of what he hopes to achieve during his second term. Unlike a certain flip-flopper from Saudi Taxachusettsthes and his dangerously inexperienced, blood sucking trial lawyer running mate, the straight talker-in-chief has yet to really offer Americans any program at all and has instead opted to run a campaign based primarily on accusing his opponents of being liberals and implying that his opponents are a bit like Adolph Hitler. It is about time somebody, perhaps some plain folks with down home wisdom, went on down to Bush-Cheney Headquarters and explained that pessimism never created a job.


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