Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Deep Thoughts

David S. Broder, Dean of the Washington Press Corps, serves up this bit of ice cold truth with a slice of lemon today in the pages of the Washington Post (and the Journal News, which relies on outside writers becomes no one in Westchester is able to handle the grave responsibility of cliche riddled political journalism):

John Kerry can congratulate himself on a successful vice presidential choice. But if he is realistic, he will recognize that the heavy work of winning this election still lies ahead of him.

Intrigued? Well, Broder is because he takes up 759 words to talk about how 2004 is going to be a tight race which neither candidate has succeeded in locking up. He then concludes his treatise on democracy in America with the following observation, an observation which burns with the brilliance of a thousand suns:

Next week in Boston, at the Democratic National Convention, Kerry will have his best -- and perhaps his last -- chance to put his own stamp on this race. He cannot afford to miss it.

I suggest everyone check out David Broder's column tomorrow which promises to answer such burning questions as "is water wet?" and "does Whoopi Goldberg's off color comedy routine disqualify John Kerry as a serious candidate?"


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