Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Rumors Galore

Matt Drudge, infamous right wing partisan and ringleader for the modern yellow press is now reporting: DNC CHAIRMAN FAVORS EDWARDS FOR KERRY MATE.

Drudge seems to be determined to fullfill the prophecies of Slate's Micky Kaus:

If you were a mischievous Bush person and wanted to make some trouble for John Kerry, what would you do? A.: Start a rumor that Kerry has picked John Edwards as his running mate. That will ratchet up the current press buzz that Edwards is the inevitable, obvious choice, due to his charismatic brilliance as a campaigner. Then, if Kerry doesn't want to choose Edwards, he will a) be faced with annoying unwanted pressure and b) look like a vain man who doesn't want to be upstaged. If Edwards is the pick, then a) the pre-emptive rumor will blow the big surprise of Kerry's announcement and b) Kerry will look like he's been stampeded. It's win win! And it won't be a hard rumor to start.


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