Monday, June 21, 2004

A Republican Sex Scandal?

Racy Allegations Vs. Ill. Senate Hopeful The former wife of Republican Senate candidate Jack Ryan claimed in divorce documents released Monday that he pressured her to perform sex acts in clubs while others watched...

She said that after going to dinner with Ryan in New York, he demanded she go to a club with him.

"It was a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling," she said. She said she refused when Ryan asked her to perform a sexual act while others watched...

In recent days, Ryan has tried to shore up support from Republican leaders, but one GOP member of the Illinois congressional delegation, Rep. Ray LaHood, called Monday for Ryan to withdraw as a candidate.

"There's no way the people of Illinois are going to countenance this behavior from a Senate candidate from the Republican Party," LaHood said.

I wonder how much traction this story will gain with media. These divorce court documents were unsealed by a judge in response to a lawsuit filed by the Chicago Tribune and the WLS TV station, so it seems there is at least some intense press interest. Then again, the media has not shown that much interest in similar cases, such as the sleazy behavior of Newt Gingrich or Henry Hyde.


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