Friday, June 18, 2004

The Next Vice-President of the United States

Noam Scheiber has engaged in Highly Irresponsible Veep Speculation over at his Daily Journal of Politics. Scheiber concludes that because Kerry is seeking a VP who he has a good relationship with, who lacks ambition and has the "gravitas" to be President should the need arise, John Kerry is likely to nominate former House Minority Leader Dick A. Gephardt. Scheiber maybe right about Kerry's inclinations, but if Senator Kerry is considering Gephardt, he shouldn't. Matthew Yglesias' piece for the American Prospect, makes a strong case against Gephardt, who Yglesias argues is both an opportunist with very poor judgement. I'm inclined to agree with Yglesias about this. Gephardt has shown himself to be a poor politician. He oversaw a humiliating defeat his party in 2002, has launched numerous failed presidential bids and has never won a state-wide office. It is hard to see how adding such a man would contribute to the Democratic ticket in any meaningful way.


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