Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bush Flip-Flops On North Korea

U.S. prepares offer of aid to North Korea
With Secretary of State Colin Powell promising a "spirit of flexibility," the United States and its negotiating partners are working on a plan to offer economic aid jointly to North Korea if it agrees to end its nuclear weapons program.

I thought we were going to git tough with those communisses, I thought the President loathed Kim Jong Il, I thought we would never reward the North Koreans' nuklar blackmail. Now we're going to give 'em my hard earned money. What happened?

Honestly though, this is close to the approach we should have taken from the start. The US and South Korea had a weak hand from the start and appeasement was really the best option. It is just irritating that it has taken the administration this long to realize that the Communist government of North Korean is going anywhere, no matter how stern the scolding it receives from Bush and Pentagon officials and we have to negotiate is the only sensible way of dealing with it.


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