Monday, April 19, 2004

Dept of Propaganda

Take a look at the follow piece of text and try to guess at its source:

"America has a choice: It can continue to grow the economy and create new jobs as the President's policies are doing; or it can raise taxes on American families and small businesses, hurting economic recovery and future job creation."

Is it from a National Review Editorial? A speech by Ed Gillespie? An op-ed by William Safire? Sadly, it is not lifted from any of these items. The above quote is part of a note attached to the bottom of official Treasury Department press releases. Clearly, this is not an especially awful misuse of the government's power, but it fits a pattern and that pattern is a disconcerting one. At every turn the Republicans, and the Bush administration in particular appear to be willing to cut ethical corners in exchange for political gain. From the moment they came into office they acted as if the Federal government was meant to serve only them and they will continue to do so until the day they leave.


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