Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Bush On The Boob Tube

Though I didn't watch all of the President's appearance (I learned my lesson about that sort of thing when I watched the staged press confrence he held on the eve of the Iraq war), I did catch some it while it was re-run on the cable networks. Based on what I saw, I think that Bush's reluctance to do these sorts of things is very justified. It seems like the decision to put Bush on prime time TV was driven by desperation. The White House has been getting clobbered almost continously since the start of 2004 and tonight was an attempt to try to stem this disasterous tide. Fortunately for John Kerry and those that support him (like myself), I think the press confrence was a miserable failure. His performance was poor and unlikely to have swayed anyone not already in his (shrinking) camp and probably re-enforced peoples' doubts about the Man. I think this will about to another 2004 State of the Union in terms of its consequences. Actually, allow me to correct myself, I expect it to be somewhat less damaging than the State of the Union was. The State of the Union got a lot of Bush's base nervous, while I doubt this press confrence will have that effect. Nonetheless, I believe tonight was a bad night for George Bush, though as always we'll have to see how this all plays out.


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