Sunday, April 11, 2004

Polling Report

According to Newsweek in a two man race, Kerry would get 50% and Bush 43% of the vote. When St. Ralph is thrown in, Kerry still leads by four percent with Bush getting 42% and Nader getting 6%. The poll also includes this little tidbit:

At least half of those polled disapprove of Bush’s handling of the economy (55 percent versus 41 percent approving) and Iraq (51 percent versus 44 percent). And while 59 percent approve of his handling of terrorism and homeland security, that number is down from 70 percent earlier this year.

Despite the relatively strong job growth in March, the economy is still not his strong point. It seems the public has a longer memory than it is often given credit for. The 9-11 inquiry and the insurgency in Iraq are ebbing away at the President's national security rating as well. So far John Kerry has not launched a major ad offensive, unlike his opponent. This is about to change and it will be interesting to see what impact they will have, especially given the recent shake-up of his media staff.


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