Monday, April 05, 2004

Very Unintentionally Funny Stuff

John Derbyshire posted the following on the National Review's weblog, the Corner on August 7th. I hadn't come across it untill now, but I believe it must be quoted at length.

One that I especially think worth noting is, that the commitment of homosexual activists to free speech is about one millimeter deep... Make no mistake about it: there is a serious, strong current of thought out there that believes ANY objection to homosexuality is "hate speech" and ought to be criminalized--or, if it cannot be criminalized, shut down by any means that come to hand. I say again: there are many exceptions, and I thank those readers who, after identifying themselves as homosexual, went on to argue with me in a thoughtful and civilized way. But I now know something I did not know 48 hours ago, or knew only vaguely and imperfectly: gay fascism is real, and strong, and determined. If this Political Correctness cannot be stopped, we are going to lose our freedoms.

Gay fascism! Derbyshire is polluting his briches (though I believe he'd deny being a homophobe since he "isn't scared of them") in fear and getting all worked up because he has been confronted by the dark force of "gay fascism". I'm not sure how on earth anyone can take any entity that is assocaited with a man like this seriously.


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