Monday, April 05, 2004

Not As Crazy As They Seem

The John Birch Society, which once accused President Eisenhower of being a communist, appears to be in some ways more moderate than today's GOP establishment. In the previous issue of their magazine the New American, the come out against the FMA (Federal Marriage Amendment) which has one the support of George W. Bush and the Master of the Senate, Bill Frist. According to the Birchers:

Marriage is first and foremost a religious matter, not a government matter. Government is not moral and cannot make us moral. Law should reflect moral standards, of course, but morality comes from religion, from philosophy, from societal standards, from families, and from responsible individuals. We make a mistake when we look to government for moral leadership....

Social problems cannot be solved by constitutional amendments or government edicts. Nationalizing marriage laws will only grant more power over our lives to the federal government, even if for supposedly conservative ends. Throughout the 20th century, the relentless federalization of state law served the interests of the cultural left, and we should not kid ourselves that the same practice now can save freedom and morality. True conservatives and libertarians should understand that the solution to our moral and cultural decline does not lie in a strong centralized government.

Say what you will about the John Birch crowd, they have principles they are unwilling to let small-minded prejudice compromise them.


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