Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Kerry's Plan For Iraq

Key quotes from the Senator's Op-Ed on Iraq:

"The administration must make the United Nations a full partner responsible for developing Iraq's transition to a new constitution and government. We also need to renew our effort to attract international support in the form of boots on the ground to create a climate of security in Iraq. We need more troops and more people who can train Iraqi troops and assist Iraqi police..."

"The United Nations, not the United States, should be the primary civilian partner in working with Iraqi leaders to hold elections, restore government services, rebuild the economy, and re-create a sense of hope and optimism among the Iraqi people. The primary responsibility for security must remain with the U.S. military, preferably helped by NATO until we have an Iraqi security force fully prepared to take responsibility."

While Kerry isn't completely clear on some points, his most recent pronouncement is certainly more detailed than the President's meaningless cowboy rhetoric.


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