Thursday, April 15, 2004

Takin' A Break

For reasons of my own, I won't be around for a few days and so I don't expect their to be much blogging. In the mean time, I invite everyone to explore the work of the War Nerd, Gary Brecher. I highly recommend his diatribe against Tom Clancy, which features remarks such as these:

I may be the loser here, but at least I'm serious. If I had Clancy's money, I would burn and pillage from horizon to horizon. There would be columns of smoke from every direction. I'd become a warlord, not an NFL franchise owner sitting in a corporate box talking about pass defense and smoking cigars.

With 200 million dollars out there on the steppes, you'd be Shah. Ride the steppes all day with an eagle on your wrist and your retinue in attendance, hunting small game and children: "Swoop, my beauteous eagle! Swoop on yon peasant brat!"


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