Thursday, July 01, 2004

Right On.

Dean Vs. Nader
This election it seems that rather than ignore Ralph Nader's candidacy, the Democrats are going to confront the spoiler wannabe. In a particularly clever move, Howard Dean has appears to have been the one chosen to do the job. Dean probably has more credibility with potential Nader voters than any other Democratic politician. Nader has spent his career talking about the need for greater popular participation in politics, Dean ran an unconventional "people powered" primary campaign. In these debates I believe that Howard Dean doesn't not need to win big to set Nader back. The justification for Nader's run is that American should have a chance to vote their consciences rather than vote for the lesser of two evils. Therefore all Dean has to do is tarnish Nader's progressive credentials and Ralph Nader's entire rationale is destroyed. Clearly, Nader can't appeal to political pragmatism to defend himself and even if he does, these arguments will be completely transparent. True, some diehards will stand by their man no matter what, but if Howard Dean does an adequate job in the debate then a crucial portion of Nader's supporters might reconsider.


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