Sunday, June 27, 2004

Nader Recieves a Hoof to the Junk

Greens Reject Nader
The Green Party "nominated Texas attorney David Cobb as its candidate for president Saturday, rejecting Ralph Nader's efforts to secure the party's formal endorsement and likely access to the ballot in key states like Wisconsin and California," the AP reports.

Ralph Nader's campaign is now more than ever one man's ego trip. Right now he is polling at about 6%, but I think that will taper off as the election approaches. In June of 2000 Nader the polls (at least this one) predicted that Nader woul also get about 6% of the vote. By November, Nader's poll numbers had dropped and only 2.74% of voters cast their ballots for the Crusader. I suspect that without the Green Party's support Nader will do even worse this time around.


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