Saturday, June 26, 2004

The Age of Civility

Hitler image used in Bush-Cheney re-election campaign Web spot
The image of Adolf Hitler has emerged again in the battle for the White House as Democrats and Republicans both have tried to liken their opponents to the Nazi dictator.

A new Bush-Cheney re-election video features clips of Hitler - the same ones the campaign criticized when they were used in a Web spot that appeared on the Internet site of the liberal activist group as part of a contest in January.

The 77-second Republican ad splices together video of Democrats Al Gore, Howard Dean and others, calling them John Kerry's "Coalition of the Wild-eyed." Interspersed among the clips are images of Hitler.

In related news, Dick Cheney has said, "I expressed myself rather forcefully. I felt better after I had done it," with regards to a recent obscene outburst of his, in which the Vice President of the United States instructed a Senator to fuck himself.

When will the guardians of our precious national discourse, the Ms. Mannerses of American Politics, David Brooks, etc. give these brutes a serious dressing down for their ungentlemanly conduct?

Note: The Bush Ad in question can be viewed here.


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