Monday, February 16, 2004

Unsmooth Move

Bush Touts Tax Cuts As Economic Fix
What is George W. Bush thinking? Is this really the best he can do? He's getting hammered round the clock by the Democratic candidates, his State of the Union Speech was a bomb, he's losing to Kerry in some polls and his approval rating is hitting record lows, so he tries to sell the supply side snake oil again. Bush's record on the economy is uniquely awful and his tax cuts were never popular. I don't undestand how drawing attention to one of your more vulnerable points can ever be a good move politically. It isn't like Bush has anything new to say about economic policy, he still flogging the same tired horse. The Presiden'ts message today essentially the same one he started out with in 1999. It wasn't popular then and it really isn't going to do the job now after all its terrible consequences have become clear.


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