Saturday, February 14, 2004

Refighting Vietnam

Lately many conservatives, or at least most of the conservatives writers that I read on a regular basis, have begun to harp on John Kerry's opposistion to the Vietnam War (Kerry was a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War). One the sleaziest and most intellectually lazy aspects of this trend is to bring up JANE FONDA, the Benedict Arnold of our times. Someone has even gone as far as to fabricate a picture of the two together and much hay has been made out of another photograph of Fonda with Kerry in the backround. Honestly, this is just ridiculous. Let's be entirely clear, if women can be tools, then Jane Fonda is one. However, bringing Jane Fonda into this is just a distraction. It is an attempt to cloud the issue with culture war nonsense, but this isn't Janet Jackson's tit or Roy Moore's idol, this is serious. The only reason why the whole guilt by association with Jane Fonda ploy is being used is because the Right (and for a long time, much of the American establishment) was completely wrong about Vietnam. So rather than try and defend a disasterous war that wasted countless lives, the conservatives would rather talk about how Jane Fonda hates America and how Kerry's courage in battle is outweighed by the disrespect he paid other Vietnam veterans by trying to end that pointless war. Speaking of guilt by association, I'd just like to point out that Vietnam hawks were in lockstep with degenerates like Nixon, Kissinger and Calley.


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