Sunday, February 15, 2004

Underpowered Howard

Dean Prepares To Stand Down

The rumors that Dean is going to drop out if he is defeated in Wisconsin are circulating again. Earlier, the campaign had sent out an e-mail which said as much, but Dean then denied that he was really going to throw in the towel if he lost in Wisconsin. Now his aides are advising him to do just that and his new campaign manager, Roy Neel, his refusing to dispute the story.

Well, if Dean drops out, I think it is all over or almost all over. Unless the rumors of Kerry's infidelity gain some serious traction, then Edwards is likely to get creamed by Kerry. Kerry has money, momentum, endorsements and name recognition on his side. Dean's recent attacks on Senator Kerry, which some think were meant to soften him up for Edwards, have had little impact. Even worse for John Edwards, it seems less and less likely that Kerry will pick him for his VP. Since Edwards has refused to run for re-election to the Senate, his political career could be over, at least for awhile. An early end to Edwards' career would be a real shame as well. He is an asset to his party, he's charming, eloquent, intelligent and has a message that could set a fire under any liberal and appeal to moderates as well. It would be an awful waste if he burned out this early.


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