Sunday, February 01, 2004


Lately I have become rather obsessed with a song originally written and sung by Phill Ochs and later by Jello Biafra called "Love me, I'm a Liberal". While I like the Dead Kennedys and I actually find the song itself enjoyable, the actually lyrics are a dig at me and anyone who isn't a "leftist". Here is a sample (get the rest here):

Yeh, I read the New Republic(an)
Rolling Stone and Mother Jones too
If I vote it's a Democrat
With a sensible economy view
But when it comes to terrorist Arabs
There's no one more red, white and blue

A lot of the song is more biting than that. Anyhow, I am able to console myself with the fact that Jello Biafra, while being a pretty good musician (though not as good as when the Dead Kennedys were still together) has almost no sense of perspective. In his commentary on the 2000 Democratic convention, he got all hung up on how Tipper Gore launche a crusade against obscene rock music two decades ago and that therefore, there was no difference between the Democrats and Republicans (or should I say, the DemReps!, buh huh huh). George W. Bush turned the government into a cash machine for the business class and misled the public to sell a war (the biggest American war since Vietnam) to congress and the public, but Tipper Gore didn't like Ozzy Osborne! See? Its like Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee! Oh yes, he also attacked NATO, accused it of being corrupt and said that it aimed to keep Germany divided. Not only are Bush and Gore the same, but according to Jello, so are NATO and the Warsaw pact!

That doesn't mean you shouldn't download the song though, because you should. Just don't believe Jello Biafra, or anyone else, you should only believe me. I have your best interests at heart. Scouts' honor.


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