Sunday, February 01, 2004

Bush Flip-Flops

Bush to Back Probe of Iraq Data, Officials Say

Earlier, President Bush said he would not support an investigation into the WMD "intelligence" failure, but now he has come around after taking some heat from congress. Glad to see that the whole division of powers thing is working and at least occassionally the President can be bullied into doing the write thing. It is not clear yet whether or not the proble will focus solely on the intelligence community or whether it will also check out the administration's handling of the data. Hopefully it will look at everything, but seeing as how there really can't be any good political consequences for the White House coming from such an investigation, I suspect Geoge W. Bush we'll try to hobble it as much as possible. I wonder who Bush will appoint to chair it? Is Kissinger still availble?


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