Friday, January 30, 2004

Marshall Hasn't FORGOTTEN

The other day I quoted a post by Andrew Sullivan complaing that Blogstar Josh Marshall neglected to mention 9-11 in his recent essay for the New Yorker. Later that day, I went out and read a copy of the essay and discovered that Marshall did in fact mention 9-11. Marshall also responded to Sullivan's smear by posting an excerpt from his essay proving the point. Here is Josh Marshall's response:

I’ll let readers judge whether the essay really ignores 9/11 and the effect it’s had on the country --- an interpretation which strikes me as rather strained. But as to the particular point, yes, I think he did miss something.

After September 11th, a left-wing accusation became a right-wing aspiration: conservatives increasingly began to espouse a world view that was unapologetically imperialist.
And in case there’s any unclarity, when I referred to September 11th, I was referring to the terrorist attacks that happened on that day. And in the previous sentence when I referred to 'terrorist attacks' I was referring to the hijacked airliners that were flown into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the field in central Pennsylvania.

Andrew is of course right that I don’t see Bush administration foreign policy as simply a logical and unavoidable response to 9/11. I see it as both a pretext for and a catalyst of the implementation of an approach which the architects of the administration’s foreign policy had supported long before they even considered al Qaida type terrorism much of a threat.

Yeah, it seems that Sullivan believes he can safely ignore the most obvious facts when he is trying to make a point. Well, I believe I'll give it whirl. ANdrew Sullivan claims he values the sanctity of life, but not only does he perform involuntary abortions on women he grabs of the street, he totally sold a bunch of Toddlers into white slavery! If Andrew Sullivan would like to dispute my charges, I am more than happy to let him to. I'd also like links to 3 examples from Sullivan's blog where he specifically condemns the practice of performing abortions on unwill subjects and selling toddlers (and they must be toddlers) into slavery.


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