Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I am an angry person, but not this angry....

Judge Shoots Boy for Throwing Snowballs

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German judge took the law into his own hands and peppered a teen-ager with lead shot when snowballs went astray and hit the wall of his house, a court in the northern town of Lueneburg said Wednesday.

"Two 16-year-olds were having a snowball fight, and the judge's house got hit. Then the light went on, the door opened, and a shotgun fired off two rounds," said court spokesman Juergen Wigger. "The judge was alone at home."

He said one of the boys' mothers saw her son had been shot in the arm and called the police who arrested the 55-year-old judge and confiscated the firearm. Investigations were continuing.

Just imagine that for a second. The judge is sitting in his parlor after a hard day of sentencing people to death. He decides to relax with some brandy and Wagner, but his brief respite is interrupted suddenly. THUD! THUD! He hears the snowballs hit his house and maybe even one of boy giggling. Well, that does it for him and grabs for his shotgun (which he always keeps loaded, in case of emergencies) from the ubrella rack right by the door and fires on the rapscallions that would dare disturb his peace and quiet. The judge aims to kill, but the brandy has made this difficult and only manages to graze the troublemakers and before he can reload, the wounded boy limps home. "I'll find out where he lives and get him tomorrow," the Judge thinks has he re-enters his house and pours himself another healthy glass.


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