Saturday, February 05, 2005

NY To Join The League of Satan

Same-Sex Marriage Case Wins in New York City
Today, a New York trial judge handed down an unprecedented ruling that says the state must grant gay and lesbian couples the right to marriage. The court's decision, stemming from a case filed by Lambda Legal, a national LGBT civil rights organization, on behalf of five plaintiff couples, says that the state's constitution guarantees gay men and lesbians the same basic freedoms available to straight couples.
If these activists judges keep taking terms like "equality" so literally instead of realizing that they don't apply to unpopular minorities something will have to be done! More decisions in favor of gay marriage/civil unions at the local and state level will keep the issue alive and will likely put pressure on the Republican leadership to have another go at trying to pass the dreadful Federal Marriage Amendment. If they don't they risk alienating a significant portion of their base, but if they do they will have less political capital to expend on their favored projects. I am not sure that is a pickle they want to be in.


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