Monday, January 31, 2005


The following appeared as a post on National Review's weblog, The Corner, under the title "SUDETENLAND, U.S.A.":

Several papers reported on the Mexican foreign minister’s threat that if American courts don’t overturn Arizona’s Proposition 200 (which requires proof of citizenship to vote and proof of legal status to receive public benefits) Mexico may take the issue to an international human rights tribunal. This is one more example of the Mexican government’s long-term strategy of extending its reach into the United States, not so much to control territory as to share sovereignty, and assert a veto over any federal, state, or local government policy that in any way affects people of Mexican (or any Hispanic) ancestry...

How unfair! The US ever tried to infringe upon the sovereignty of Mexico. No, Neber. Have you ever seen a more revolting bunch of Nazis? After all, only Nazis would would dare do something so dastardly as pester the United States with their trifling concerns about the welfare of their insignifcant people. Don't they know that Mexicans don't have rights?


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