Wednesday, January 19, 2005

ITEM: I Still Hate David Brooks

From dabrook's latest column:
The Social Security debate has exposed interesting differences within the Democratic Party between those who are inspired by Bill Clinton and those who are inspired by - wait for it - Newt Gingrich.

Oh, how clever! What an ironic twist! Now I understand where Mr. Brooks is paid the big bugs. That kind of material doesn't just write itself. Never mind that Brook's article is completely wrong headed. In the remainder of his essay David Brooks explains why vigorously opposing the President's plan to partially privatizing, bankrupt the federal government and ream future retirees would do little to help the Democrats politically. Brook's analysis pretty well sums up his world view. The notion that the Democrats might be remotely interested in social justice and want adopt Gingrich-esque tactics to defend it for that does not seem to enter Brook's head. Politics for Brooks is not so much about the implementing a good policies (or in this case, protecting good policies), because good policy is desireable in itself, but rather about gaining and holding power for its in own sake. And to rip off an device from Brooks (the silly analogy), I would like to note that Brooks is much different from New Gingrich, since Gingrich had (unsound) principles and a lot more like Bush's doughfaced political advisor, Karl Rove.


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