Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Catching On?

Four months after George W. Bush made destroying "reforming" social security a top priority for his second term in office during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, the media is finally noticing a rather important bit of information that has long been overlooked: "Bush Short on Social Security Details". It would have been nice if they could have done that during the campaign, but they never bothered. Even now, as we draw ever closer to actually implementing (or derailing) social security privitization, I am worried that the fact there is no actual plan for privitization and other important facts (the absence of a social security crisis for example), will get overshadowed by the War On Chistmas and other matters not worth the attention of any thinking person. The media's track record is far from reassuring when it comes to things like this.


At 3:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fact is, the Democrats have been howling that the Republicans will destroy social security since the sixties. It hasn't happened yet. While Bush's plan might not be perfect, at least he has one. What have the Democrats offered? Nothing. The government cannot sit by and watch social security die, as the Democrats seem to want. No matter how much Democrats cry wolf about the impending destruction of social security, if the program is going down, it will be because of inaction, not the Republican plan.


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