Friday, June 04, 2004

Another Theory About Tenet's Resignation

A news report from the far-right NewsMax offers another possible explanation for Tenet's decision to leave the CIA:

U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton said Thursday that she suspected a cabal of "pro-Chalabi supporters" inside the Bush administration forced CIA Director George Tenet to resign.

"I was struck by the timing since the whole controversy around Chalabi is heating up and Chalabi blames the CIA for his problems and there are a lot of pro-Chalabi supporters still at the highest levels of the administration," she told reporters.

Tenet's CIA has long feuded with Ahmad Chalabi, the head of the Iraqi National Congress who had worked for more than a decade to oust Saddam Hussein from his exile in London. He was considered a key U.S. ally in post war Iraq until recently.

Clinton has a pretty interesting take on on the whole affair. It might be true, the timing of all of this was a bit suspicious. If it is true I have no clue what it might mean. Did Tenet take out Chalabi on his own and then have his head served to him by the Pentagon hawks? It would be rather unsettling if George W. Bush really did listen to Chalabi's backers and dump George Tenet to punish him for his crimes against the neocon's man in Baghdad and would provide a lot of evidence in support of Matthew Yglesias's grand unified theory about Bush's foreign and domestic policies.


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